What is Power?

The need to be “Powerful” is one of the most essential elements in athletics. An athlete who is “strong” ie. Can produce a lot of FORCE, can lose out on the track against an athlete of lesser strength, but has more POWER. How can that be? Lets look at our physics formulae FORCE = MASS […]

Power Testing for Elite Sprinters

The Power testing we utilize at MyPhysio for our athletes uses the Push Band velocity based training device. Whilst it is not a gold standard, the information that we gather is reliable, the testing simple and reproducible and relatively inexpensive, perfect for a Performance Therapy clinic like ours.The test we use is the Back squat, […]

Is this a good exercise?

I posted this exercise in 2015 and it received the most views that I’ve ever had on a social media post (40k!) However with the lens of a further seven years of experience I look at it again and wonder whether it is actually a very good exercise or is it purely a gimmick? The […]

Eccentric Strength Testing at Speed for return to sport


When isometric testing is not enough.   Hamstrings…The bane of all sports injuries.   Especially when they rec.   Health professionals use an array of tests to determine when an athlete is “ready” to return to sport, one being isometric strength testing. Lee et al. (2018) showed that a history of previous hamstring injury and […]

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